How to Create a Gmail Account

How to Create a Gmail Account,  Gmail account is something very important, especially for modern people. Gmail account can be used for many things for example to sing in for YouTube, Facebook, and many social media. Without a Gmail account, you can not enjoy many apps from your smartphone, so you need to create your Gmail account. If you still do not know about how to create a Gmail account, here are some simple ways that you can do. 

How to Create a Gmail Account

Before you start to create your Gmail account, the first step you can do is preparing your Google account. Your username and also password will be used to open your Gmail. There are many Google products that need a Gmail account. 

Create your Google Account 

In the first step, you need to create your Google account by using your smartphone or from your other gadget. When you want to create a Google account you will find some steps or direction and you only need to follow the steps that appear on your screen. 

 After you get your Google account you can use this account to sign in to your Gmail. Open your Gmail app or you can use browser. When you open your Gmail, you need to choose "create a new account". 

After that, there are many spaces that should be filled. Use the username and prepare your password. It is important for you to write your Gmail address by using your username. When you write your Gmail address you may find that there are similar or existing addresses or usernames, so you need to choose the special Gmail address.

 Follow the steps or directions that appear from your screen. Make sure that you follow the direction correctly. After you finish creating your Gmail account, you will get information that your Gmail account is ready to be used. 

When you have a Gmail account you may want to avoid spam and abuse, there is also something that may want to impersonate your data or identity from your Gmail address. You should make sure that your email address is protected. 

To avoid and make prevention from the risk, you can make a report for internet crime and contact the state office for customer protection. It will help you to solve the problem if there is something wrong that happened to your Gmail account. 

how to create a Gmail account is very simple. Before using your Gmail account, you need to read about the Gmail terms for users. It helps you to know what you can do and what you have not to do. 

After you know about how to create a Gmail account, now you can follow the steps that have been mention above. You can use your Gmail account to send an email or even for other necessities. 

 Actually to create a Gmail account you only need to follow the direction. If it is your first time using a smartphone you may need to learn about how to create a Gmail account correctly. Gmail is only one thing that very important. After you get your new Gmail account, you can enjoy many Google products or use the Gmail accounts for your business.