How to Deactivate Instagram Account

How to Deactivate Instagram Account, Instagram is interesting social media because it provides many interesting pictures and also information. It helps people to show their existence. Now Instagram has more functions because it has Instagram ads feature. If you are one of Instagram users, and you want to delete your account because some reasons, here are the information about how to deactivate an Instagram account. 

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Many people want to delete or deactivate Instagram whether for temporary or permanently. But many people also still do not know about the way to deactivate Instagram account. With this information, you will never feel confused again when you need to deactivate your account. Read the information below carefully and you will know how to practice the steps. 

Before you start to delete or deactivate at your account, make sure that it is your best decision. When you decide to delete your account it means that you will never have the opportunity to open your account. 

The Steps to Deactivate your Instagram Account 

If you want to delete your Instagram account permanently here are the simple steps that you can do.

Open your Instagram 
The first step you need to do is opening your Instagram account by login using your username and also your password. After you enter your account, you should find the delete option or deletion page. 

You need to open your Instagram from the web browser because if you only open your Instagram from the mobile app you will never find the deletion page. You can use your PC or your smartphone to open the web browser. 

Find Account Deletion Page 
You can scroll down and look to the bottom of your screen. You will find the deletion option for your Instagram account. There are many options "such a too busy/ too distracting" option until the option like "concerned about my data". If you do not find the delete option you can click to "something else" option.

After you find the delete option you can choose "permanently delete my account". Before you click this option you need to think deeply because after you click and confirm the notification you will not open your account anymore. 

Deactivate Instagram Account Temporarily 
If you do not want to delete your account permanently, you can try to deactivate Instagram account temporarily. It is a very simple way to deactivate the account because you only need to open your Instagram from your web browser. And then you should click the "edit profile" option on this page. 

After that, you will find some options includes "Temporarily disable my account".click the best option and your account will be deactivated temporarily. 

It is a good choice if you only deactivate your account for a while because when you need to use your account, you still have the opportunity to log in. It's very simple to know about how to deactivate Instagram account. Deactivate the account temporarily is interesting because you can reactivate your account with your username and password like usual. 

The information about how to deactivate Instagram account will help you to delete your account or deactivate temporarily. I hope this information is useful to you.