How to Send Email from Smartphone

How to Send Email from Smartphone, Sending an email is something important in the modern era. Many people need to send an email for a business project or event study project. If you need to send an email you should know about how to send an email from your smartphone. Actually, to send an email you do not need to spend a lot of your time because it is very easy and simple. Here are some steps you need to do when you want to send an email for your project. 
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Write your Email 

The first step that you need to do is write your email. You need to write your email on the space that is provided. You can prepare the content for the email in the Word or other formats. 

Open your Gmail App 

After you have prepared the content that will be sent by using email, next you can open your Gmail from your smartphone. You must have a Gmail app or if you still do not have the app you can download it from your play store. Most smartphone users have this app because it becomes the most important app for the Android or smartphone.

After you open the Gmail app from your smartphone, you need to find a compose option in the bottom right. Tab the option and you will find some column that needs to be filled. 

Fill the Spaces 

After you tap the compose option you will find some spaces such as "To", "cc", and "Bcc" fields. Write the recipient on this "to" field. You should prepare for the recipient because it is similar like you write a common mail.

After that, you should mention the subject because it will show what kind of email. Next, you can continue to write the message. If you want to add a file or send files you can tab attach icon or option and it will allow you to add a file to the email. 

After you complete all of the things you can continue to send the email by tap or click send. The send option is at the top of the page. Wait for a while until you see the notification that your email has been sent. 

Using email is very simple, save your time and your money. You should know that email not only provides you simple format because you can change the color of the text, or add bolding for the text. When you want to recall your message after being sent, you can use Undo Sent option. 

You should not be confused about how to send an email because it is very easy. You only need to add the recipient and then at the subject and continue to write the email. With this app, you also can send an email to many recipients. 

The way is only by writing some email addresses on the recipient space and you will send an email to the multiple recipients. Information about how to send emails is very important especially for today. Follow the steps that have been mentioned above and you can send your email easily.