Tips and Tricks To Improve The Gaming Performance of Windows Vista

Tips and tricks to improve the gaming performance of Windows Vista. Windows Vista is certainly one of the most renowned operating systems that have availed the users with countless features and applications that can be really useful for the users.

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In spite of the fact that its performance still lacks behind Windows XP when it comes to gaming, the users continuously prefer it over the exiting operating systems. Not only this, there are various game developers who have started considering this options and are currently framing the games and programs that can be accessed via Windows Vista.

The operating system has many activities that run in the background and hence allow a better gaming experience for the gamers! Here are some simple tips and tricks that can help you in augmenting the level of performance of this operating system and enjoying a better gaming activity.

1.  Make sure that you upgrade the software and this task definitely counts in the RAM, graphic cars and CPU. Make sure that you owe a dual Core CPU and a graphic card that is compliant with Direct X10. Besides this, you also need to own a 2GB RAM while working on the task to improve the performance of Windows Vista.

2.  You can disable the system restore and backup the files that offer restoration facility while dealing with the crash of operating system. In spite of the fact that this is a great facility, it often slows down the speed of your system and hence interrupts the gaming experience. Make sure that you have disables this facility!

3.  You can also turn off the hibernation facility and free the space of your system which can speed up the operating system.

4.  Turning off the indexing engine of the operating system can also be great option which helps in saving the performance of the engine while running any gaming program. The engine is really useful for those who are looking for the way to search the files on their computer without wasting the time. However, turning it off certainly helps you in getting rid from slow speed while performing the gaming tasks.

5.  In case if you are holding the desire to prevent the loading of unused programs while booting process them change the setting linked with the Startup Program. You can easily pick the run box and type “msconfig”. Thereafter you can click the startup tab and remove the tick present on the adjacent check box of any software that is being targeted by you!

6.  You can also use the ready boost feature that is introduced by this operating system which uses the flash drive for storing the data that is often used by the user!

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